DarkNight & Dashboard Download Removal + Update


In the next couple of weeks I will be launching the new "Colore" theme here at forumonic as a "beta" test. Along with this I will be making a full transition from using a custom built site, to MyBB. Soon when visiting forumonic.com, it will bring you straight to the forum.

This will come with a few things;
- The store will be removed, I will be removing the store, along with the two available themes. DarkNight and Dashboard need some updates which I cannot commit too currently, as such I don't want people using a buggy theme.
- I will be updating both DarkNight and Dashboard, so you can expect to see them soon, with a better more polished look.
- The default theme will be Colore. This is not complete and will be a running beta test. So we appreciate any feedback! However please do expect to see some inconsistency or bugs. There will be an announcement at the top of the page, with an "Opt Out" option. Please report any bugs or errors here.
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