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This product has been released, will be updating thread soon. Click here to download
[Image: 4eneZ8u.png]

I am currently working on a new MyBB theme for the 1.8 series. It's my first theme in a long time so I have just been getting used to it all again. Originally started with the light mockup however moved on to do the dark version. I've been working slowly on it for the past 2/3 weeks and I'm coming close to finishing so I thought I'd post here and get a little feedback before release. Note, the light version is planned.

Current progress screenshots (Album)
Small list of confirmed features:
  • Sliding sidebar main menu.
  • Descriptive tool-tip titles.
  • Dropdown usermenu
  • Font-Awesome Icon integration. Less images!
  • Custom Editor & Selector matching theme. (changing from pictures above^)
    and more..
I am planning on releasing this theme free on the MyBB mods website. Let me know what you think guys, what needs improving? Looking forward to your feedback and comments. Smile
- Harry K.
[Image: forumonic-logo.png] Harry.

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