Removing Spam Accounts


Just to let people know, 

we have had a lot of spam bots decide to sign up today. In order to keep things as tidy as possible I have pruned all the accounts that have made zero post and were registered in the past 10 days. I don't believe we had any legitimate signups within that time range so hopefully this hasn't effected any of you. If I have unintentionally deleted your account please feel free to re-create your account. 

I am sorry if this has caught any of you and the inconvenience it may have caused.
Thank you,
- Harry.

UPDATE (14th July): Due to an increasing number of spam accounts being registered I have disabled registrations temporarily whilst the site is still a WIP. I will be looking into ways I can combat these registrations without the use of captchas. If anyone needs to contact me however cannot access the forums due to this you can do so here. During the time of the closed registrations anyone that is currently registered can still use the forums as they were, please note I will be removing some of the blatant spam accounts again, please let me know if you get wrongfully caught in this clean up.
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